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Viniterra is settled in the woodsy countryside of New Kent County, but how much do you really know about New Kent?  As you can see from the New Kent County logo, it’s known for horses, golf, grapes, and water, but lets test your knowledge and see! Cue the Jeopardy! music and get ready to answer these quizzers:

  1. What famous America couple, historically speaking, was married in New Kent County? (George & Martha Washington)
  2. What horseracing complex was located in New Kent County? Colonial Downs
  3. What American first lady was baptized in New Kent’s famous St. Peter’s Church? (Letitia Christian, later the wife of President John Tyler, was baptized in the parish church in 1790)
  4. How many square miles of land and water makes up New Kent County? (212)
  5. How many airports service New Kent County? (Two: New Kent Airport and Richmond International, 10 minutes away)
  6. What is one of the biggest area attractions for New Kent County? (The Taste of New Kent at New Kent Vineyards, held annually)
  7. Considered a temperate climate, what is the average snowfall annually in New Kent? (14 inches)
  8. How many schools are located in New Kent? (Five: George Watkins Elementary, New Kent Elementary, New Kent Middle, New Kent High School, and New Bridges Technical Center)
  9. How far is New Kent from Colonial Williamsburg? How far from Richmond? (30 minutes to either one)
  10. Where is the All American Muscle Car Show held each year? (New Kent Winery)
  11. Where in New Kent can you play championship golf at one of Golf Digest’s best-rated courses in the state? (While there are four golf courses in New Kent, Viniterra is ranked #5 in VA)
  12. How many official bike routes does New Kent County offer for area cyclists? (Six)
  13. For the history buffs, what plantations are near to New Kent? (Shirley Plantation and Berkeley Plantation)
  14. What year was New Kent founded? (1654)
  15. What historical items were used in the construction of the New Kent Winery? (The heart-pine trusses are from a 1901 Southern Railroad Depot that was located in the Shockoe Bottom area of Richmond. The heart pine timbers and floors came from a Connecticut warehouse that was constructed in 1852)
  16. What percentage of New Kent County is covered in pine and hardwood trees? (66%)
  17. Sailing, fishing and camping are favorite pastimes in New Kent County. Where in New Kent can you dock your boat?  (Colonial Harbor Marina)
  18. What famous Captain was captured by Powhatan Indians in New Kent? Captain John Smith in 1607
  19. Where should you go to learn about all things New Kent? The Visitor Center located right off the I-64 exit, or visit the website.

So, are you 20-for-20 in your trivia challenge of all things New Kent?  If the answer is no, it might be time to visit the great county of New Kent.  The Visitor Center and Viniterra Welcome Center are open daily.  Please stop by and learn more about New Kent and Viniterra.  We’d love to see you and share our love for this historically significant and beautifully appointed county that offers an idyllic lifestyle for its residents.

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