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Are you ready to meet the man behind the vino at New Kent Winery?  This Short Pump native took time from his busy schedule (and twin 2-month-olds!) to answer some questions about taking the reins at our favorite winery as the Director of Agriculture and Production:

Quick Facts:

Married:    Wife, Lindsay, owner of a family photography business


  • Berkley Lane, 2 years old
  • Jacob Coleman, 2 months old
  • Talley Grace, 2 months old

College:      Virginia Tech 


What is your background? 

I attended Virginia Tech, Class of 2014, and majored in Horticulture-Fruit and Vegetable Production with a minor in Agribusiness Management.

How long have you been at New Kent Winery?

I have been at New Kent Winery since May of 2014, just after I graduated from Virginia Tech. My family was in the process of purchasing the winery that year so I stepped in to help manage the vineyards.

Do you have experience at other wineries?

While in college I worked at Hillsborough Vineyard in Purcellville, VA and also Maggie Malick Wine Caves.

What’s your favorite part of managing the vineyard?

My favorite aspect is working with every individual plant to enhance the grape production to make higher quality wine.

We have to ask.  What’s your favorite wine/blend?

Obviously, I think all New Kent Winery wines are great, but my favorites the Meritage.  Starting in the vineyard fields, I love working with the vines to make Meritage; then in the production hall much of the work is done by hand which makes it truly a crafted wine.

What is your goal for the winery or something you’re working on improving it?

My personal goal is to expand Dombroski Vineyards to be self-sufficient on grape production for all the wines we make.  Currently, we purchase grapes from around Virginia to fulfill our production goals.  More vineyard acreage is our goal over the next 7 years. Vineyards, unlike most crops, take years to establish into a highly productive operation.

What are you most proud of in regard to your work at New Kent Winery?

I am proud of the increased quality of the wines over the past two years, and that all stems from the work down in the vineyard.

What is your favorite event or tradition at the winery?

My favorite event is the biweekly Music and Menu’s when we are open from 6 to 9pm with live music and food trucks. It seems to be a great local event for the residents of the area.

What is life like at home, away from the vineyard?

Since my wife and I met at Virginia Tech, our house always cheers for the Hokies.  We stay pretty busy with three kids under 3!

What would we be surprised to learn about you?

People would be surprised to learn that I see wine as my job and always relax with Miller Lite or bourbon.

What is the weirdest thing we would find in your vehicle?

The oddest thing people would find in my truck would be a yellow monster finger puppet.

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