Getting to Know “America’s Heart Pine Specialist” – E.T. Moore

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Anyone who has ever visited Viniterra has undoubtedly encountered an E.T. Moore home. Punctuated by craftsman details, fine millwork, and signature quality, it’s hard to miss E.T. Moore’s style, whether it’s a custom home in Viniterra or the New Kent Winery, which E. Taylor Moore, Jr. built and owned up until two years ago.

The winery is an example of why E.T. Moore is known as “America’s Heart Pine Specialist.” Built with reclaimed heart of pine trusses, reprocessed copper, and pre-Civil War brick, the winery’s salvaged and re-milled wood details illustrate E.T. Moore’s affinity for wood production. The company manufactures all its own interior and exterior wood components including moldings, floors, panels, stairs, cabinets, and furniture. Even more extraordinary is that from the inception of the design to the day of delivery, the process only takes two days. By using a plant in Richmond to manufacture custom wood designs, products are produced with quality in an expedient manner. In fact, E.T. Moore sells their products all over the country and abroad, sending over 51 containers of unique wood materials in 2016 to all parts of the world, including China and Central America.

Born and raised in New Kent, E. Taylor Moore, Jr. is the founder of E.T. Moore. He exclusively builds in Viniterra, and his love of the area – which he proudly calls home – is evident in his dedication to the quality of construction as well as to the preservation of the land. Mr. Moore is keenly involved in the development of Viniterra, and proud to work with a developer like Boddie-Noell that is “principled, ethical, and committed to maintaining the beauty of New Kent.”


E. Taylor Moore, Jr.’s love of construction began decades ago when he built his own home, and his attention to extraordinary detail grew into a passion. To this day, Mr. Moore is still enthusiastic about each build, saying he “really gets into each project” and personally visits each construction site on a daily basis. His greatest professional accomplishment is not an award or a designation, but “helping people and employees achieve their dreams.” He started the company in 1969, and today he employees 18 people. He has always worked for himself.

By his side since the very beginning is E. Taylor Moore, Jr.’s wife, Kris, who is also his business partner. Married since 1969, they have four children and eight grandchildren. In his free time, Mr. Moore likes to cook, preparing meals that incorporate fresh vegetables and wild game. When asked about his hidden talents, E. Taylor Moore, Jr. revealed that he knows how to iron, knit, and milk a cow. A man of many talents, learn more about “America’s Heart of Pine Specialist” at http://etmoore.com.

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